Dogs of Character

I was fortunate to help produce a quick promotional video for Dogs of Character, a celebrated assembly program now offered as an online experience for elementary-aged students throughout Texas. I shot, edited, and animated the entire piece in about a week.

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Project TRAIN

We followed Mary, Jeff, and Ryan for a day as they worked in some of Houston’s most prominent law firms and corporate legal departments. The aim of the film is to encourage similar such firms to consider employing adults with special needs. This is one of my favorite projects.   A   t t w e […]

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Collaboration Capital

Houston’s leading boutique financial services firm. I was quite pleased to produce this trilogy of poetic short videos for their website and digital promotions.   Produced, shot, and edited for Small Town Consulting.          

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East Pleasanton, Progress Planned

An innovative public policy campaign about suburban development in California’s Bay-Area. I co-shot, and edited this piece and it’s constituent break-out edits. I captained and co-authored several digital engagement campaigns centered around these important issues of housing access, equity, and development in one of the world’s most sought-after markets. Produced with t t w e […]

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Texas Medical Center

I was fortunate to serve as resident documentarian and media production specialist for the Texas Medical Center corporation, and helped to tell the story of the world’s only medical metropolis.   This is a rough-cut. Sound and color are not final.     Made in conjunction with t t w e a k.     […]

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Houston Endowment

A huge project for Houston Endowment, the city’s only perpetual foundation with over $1 Billion in assets. Telling the story of the Endowment is basically telling the story of a living Houston. A   t t w e a k   production. I produced, co-shot, and edited.

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